Penghargaan “Perusahaan IT Terbaik” Untuk PT Anta Mediakom

David Darmawan Sudja
Direktur Utama PT Anta Mediakom

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Our company was established to fulfill the needs for telecommunication services and products to government agencies and corporate/private sectors in :

– VSAT/Radio/RF equipments and instalation              
– Engineering Integration
– Information Technology                                   
– Full Support for Repair/Testing and Evaluation equipment

Our Vision
Telecommunication growth together with AMK leading the 21th century

Our Mission
Is to become the leading telecommunication company through customers satisfaction. Operational flexibility, efficiency and empowerment are key features of AMK organization; simple form structure ensures short line of communications

AMK assures its customers of :
– Integrity ,we are committed to ethical and honesty as a standard in all of our work
– Quality ,we are committed to quality everything we do
– Continues Improvement ,we are committed to continually improve our standard of work
– Responsiveness , we are committed to responding our customer needs/urgency in timely fashion
– Competency and Competitiveness , we are committed to competency and competitiveness by having employees performing their best and also we provide training for our employees to keep them on the cutting edge of technology

All of it has become our way of life
Technical References

  • Our highly skilled and experience engineers have spending many years deals with:
  • FATMA system ( it’s a combination of conventional FDMA and TDMA system )
  • TDMA system ( DAMA and PAMA options )
  • Common SCPC system/FDMA system
  • Carrier on Carrier for efficiency
  • Spread Spectrum technology ( DSSS system )
  • Most common RF equipment, Multiplexing, computer base technology
  • Highly accurate measurement instruments

For all his dedication, Anugerah Citra Indonesia for Category “Perusahaan IT Terbaik” have been Awarded to PT Anta Mediakom.


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