Penghargaan “Lembaga Pelatihan Terbaik” Untuk PT Guna Limpah Akademi and Mr. Gabriel Leong.

Gabriel Leong

PT Guna Limpah Akademi

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Guna Limpah Akademi (GL Akademi) improves the professional standards, quality and efficiency of individuals in the workforce by developing and providing a variety of training programs for all levels of staff across various industries and sectors.

Formed in December 2011, Guna Limpah Akademi (GL Akademi) began its aim of improving the quality and efficiency of the workforce in Indonesia. Equipped with the vision, expertise and leadership of one of their founding director from Singapore, GL Akademi sets their standard high from all perspectives.

As a result of recent economic downturn that has sent waves of uncertainty throughout the business and industrial communities, many people are considering and taking advantage of the extensive continuing education opportunities and career training programs that are being offered by many educational institutions. Gabriel Leong, Principal & Master Trainer of GL Akademi, says, “Every economic downturn result in many job losses that may never come back. Many individuals who are unfortunate to be affected by such downsizing of companies have found that their current job skills are no longer in demand or need to be updated in order to provide employers with the most effective and efficient employee. MNCs were some of the first businesses seeing the need for job skills to be up-to-date for better productivity and efficiency, and have been employing the services of training institutions to regularly train their employees.”

According to U.S. Central Intelligence Agency 2011 estimates, the population of Indonesia was the 4th largest in the world at 240 million, with a labour force of 117 million, ranked 5th in the world. Yet, by the same estimates, it is reflected that 13.33% of the population was below poverty line and GDP per capita in 2011 was ranked at 153 compared to the world.


Making a decision to enroll yourself or your staff in continuing education is dependent upon your interests, needs and goals. Such training may take place through classes, seminars, and other training environments to improve job skills and many companies around the world are already providing continuing education training for their employees in various positions.

Having received overwhelming accolades of Gabriel’s strong knowledge of learning principles and innovative training methods in Singapore, GL Akademi decided to bring over and redevelop his various high performance training programs from Singapore to our beloved country.

Whether you are pursuing skills in personal effectiveness, customer services, body language, leadership, or sales and negotiation, GL Akademi has substantial continuing education coursework for all of these and more. GL Akademi provides courses or programs for individuals seeking knowledge for transition into new careers, continuing education for professionals and companies seeking to upgrade their employees’ existing job skills. GL Akademi does not merely develop critical thinking skills that are appreciated by employers, but their training programs are also formulated to bring out the hidden strengths and talents of participants. Their genuine point of difference is their primary focus on making learning fun and effectively easy for anyone to understand, remember and apply in the real world.

Additionally with the synergy of their sister company, Gabungan Lestari Agensi, GL Akademi is able to help provide rewarding career paths for ambitious and entrepreneurial individuals to transform them into top-quality self-employed Real Estate Agents who practice Real Estate with outstanding professionalism, immaculate ethics and honorable integrity.

There have been fundamental and important changes in the workplace and business arena in recent years that make continuing education a necessity. First, employees who feel that they do not grow in a company will start finding other career options. The length of tenure of employment at any given employer continues to show a decrease. A second factor is the change in pattern of the emergence of new businesses. Companies that surface in recent years have modern business models and up-to-date employees’ skills that enable them to conquer their industries at an alarmingly rapid pace. The third is the continual adoption of technology into almost all facets of the business world. No longer is it possible to have employees with single skills and knowledge base and expect them to help carry their company competitively ahead through their 30 plus year career.


Gabriel Leong is the Founder, Principal and Master Trainer of Guna Limpah Akademi (GL Akademi), a company which aims to improve the professional standards, quality and efficiency of individuals in their respective industries.

Gabriel’s prior career involved performing business development, marketing and frontline functions across a wide spectrum of industries including Food & Beverage, Advertising, Publications, Financial Services, Consumer Beauty & Health Care, Agricultural Trading, Public Speaking & Training, and Real Estate.

An NLP Master Practitioner and Life-Coach, Gabriel also develops and trains Workforce Skill Qualification courses with Singapore Workforce Development Agency, a statutory board under the Ministry of Manpower.

Gabriel served as President of the Singapore Institute of Management, Toastmasters Club. He also served as Area Governor in Toastmasters International and is one of today’s most sought-after speakers and evaluators in the movement’s arm in Singapore and Thailand.


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